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NZ Green Lipped Mussel Capsules – All You Need to Know

NZ Green Lipped Mussel Capsules – All You Need to Know

Why You Should Take Green Lipped Mussel

Nowadays, you would find many people facing problems like bone pain, arthritis, even getting a cold once in a while, and most people among them just don’t wish to fight them.

People prefer to power through them, and they hope that the problem might go away on its own. However, that never happens, what happens to be that the pain gets dulled, and we forgot how it feels to be pain free.

Let me tell you about Maori people who didn’t have these health problems hundreds of years ago, even though they faced much harsher weather conditions than ours.

Daily, the Maori people used to consume the green mussel in its raw form, since they were from the New Zealand, which is the only place where green lipped mussels are found. The raw shellfish offered many vitamins and nutrients, resulting in a life free from most of the common health issues, once it becomes a part of your diet.

However, in the present world, mostly people don’t eat raw shellfish and to cook it takes all its health benefits away. Hence, the need of green lipped mussel capsules came forth.

Hence, the alternative of raw green lipped mussels, the green lipped mussel capsules became the ultimate supplement that could be used by everyone all around the world. Hence, there are many health companies that have started manufacturing their own capsules. Moreover, other than the nutrients and vitamins these capsules provide, they are also able to improve your immune system, nervous system and circulation.

However, it is required that you take the right green lipped mussel supplements because the wrong ones may bring you zero health benefits, as the nutrients and vitamins might already be disappeared during production.

The Crucial Manufacturing Process:

Before you make your purchase , you would always prefer to buy a natural nutrition source that is sure to give the maximum benefits and effectiveness.

There are several companies that make the green lipped mussel capsules, and what they mainly do is that they turn the shellfish into powder. However, to retain all of its vitamins and nutrients, the raw mussel needs to go through the right process quickly and without any freezing of the mussel beforehand.

Green lipped mussels are very delicious once you put them through the oven, but this process will take everything out of this type of shellfish and the health benefits will disappear in an instant

Presently, the New Zealand based Xtend-life Natural Products, is the best company preparing the top-most quality green lipped mussel capsules ever. The main reason for their popularity is that they turn the raw mussel into powder within a time frame of 30 minutes while most of the other companies take around a week-long time to do it, with still no guarantee of an efficient outcome.

You really need to try the most effective green mussel capsules in the market, for that you must visit the website of Xtend-life to know more about the manufacturing process of it.

Nowadays, many people have made these capsules a part of their daily life, and some even find the mussels really delicious, but no matter how much amount you use it in a day, it would never solve the health problems immediately. However, through extensive research and study scientists have found the reason behind this problem and provided a solution for day to day basis.

Well, green lipped mussels are lovely to eat once they are through the oven, but that makes all of its nutritional benefits disappear in an instant. Nonetheless, if you are ready to compromise in taste, you would get a much healthier daily life.

The Maori people never had any kind of problem eating the raw food, but eating raw green lipped mussel, wouldn’t be a practical solution for all.

Moreover, the green lipped must not also be sent through extreme temperatures while processing, if done so, it would lose its capability of strengthening your immune system, improving your circulatory system, making your skin look healthier and much more.

Thus, it is really necessary to search and research about the right product made by the right company so that you get those green lipped mussel capsules that have all the natural offerings of the fresh and raw mussels.

The best and only way to turn the raw mussel into the right and working green lipped mussel capsule is through manufacturing it at a really fast pace. There are companies that keep the mussels in their storage room for days or even a week or two, before they could produce the final form of the green lipped mussels. However, the best company for producing the green lipped mussel capsules, namely Xtend-life, only takes 30 minutes to manufacture the green lipped mussel capsules completely, extracting the powder from the raw mussels, all done in their New Zealand factory.

When you are looking to buy the green lipped mussel powder capsules, most of them come in 500mg of mussel powder per capsule. The question is, are green lipped mussel capsules 500mg enough?

There are some preliminary case studies suggest that the higher the amount, the better and faster the results for the pain. Xtend-life green lipped mussel powder comes in 600mg per capsule, and 4 capsules per day is recommended in the dosage. As this product is a “food” you can double your dosage to 8 capsules per day, for as long as you wish.

Hence, you could say that all the properties which a fresh and raw mussel has are retained in the Xtend-life’s green lipped mussel capsules, providing its consumers to get all the nutrients and vitamins he/she was longing for.


It is believed for decades that green lipped mussel was exceptionally beneficial to the human body. That is why, scientists studied and researched hard to find a way to bring back those effects that after eating the raw mussels, Maori people felt.

Now, we have finally got our hands on the solution to our problem. As a result, all you have to do is go get your green lipped mussel capsules now, this little effort would gain you positive effect for the rest of your life, so don’t hesitate, and make sure to buy the best one out there, i.e. Xtend-life’s green lipped mussel capsules.

As this product is a “food” you can double your dosage to 8 capsules per day, for as long as you wish.

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  1. terry jordan says:

    How long does it take for GLM to leave the system? I have a hideous rash from having taken it for months. Tx.


    i would like to be a distributer in Greece with your marvelous product(GREEN LIPPED MUSSEL CAPSULES)that i have tryed while i am here in Sydney on holiday,how can i do it please let me know all the details i need to be one,thankyou.

  3. Mr.G.Lavallin says:

    How much mg/day is required for a dog per Kg

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