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New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil – Is It The Right Supplement For You?

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Oil – Is It The Right Supplement For You?

Green lipped mussel oil is well known that for anti-inflammatory characteristics, specifically for relief in inflammation and joint pain. However, it is important that before you buy any kind of supplement, you need to do research about the quality of the product. In the case of green lipped mussel oil, not all oils are processed in the same manner.

Ways to Analyze the Right Green Lipped Mussel Oil:

Green Lipped Mussel Oil The very first thing to analyze is that how much oil is present in each capsule you intake. It must come to your knowledge that many manufacturers used different oils to blend with the green lipped mussel oil, like the fish oil, grape seed oil, and the olive oil. Normally, around 25 mg to 65 mg of mussel oil is included in one capsule, with other oils with their own amount. However, you must only keep your eye on the amount of mussel oil, while others should be ignored; only mussel oil is what that provides the real benefit.

The second matter to be analyzed is the quality of the mussels through which the oil is extracted. Well, first of all, green lipped mussels are only found in the New Zealand, so the source of the mussel for the company would be coming from there. Furthermore, the best manufacturers always keep one source from where they grow the mussel so that the quality level remains intact. It is also necessary that the green lipped mussels are not harvested at some specific times of the year, as at those times the mussels are known not to contain all their beneficial nutrients. As a fact, there are some manufacturers who buy their mussels from other mussel manufacturing factories, mostly the defected ones.

Third and the last thing is the way the manufacturers extract the oil from the manufacturer. Mostly, the manufacturers heat the mussels to open them and remove their meat, but this particularly destroys the beneficial properties for which the mussels are popular for. Moreover, the quality of mussel lipids, i.e. the Omega-3 fatty acids, is also affected by the manufacturing process. Some manufacturers use stabilizers or chemicals to prevent this from happening when using the standard processing methods, while the others do it naturally by using advanced processing techniques.

Is GLM Oil the Right Supplement?

It is also necessary for you to know whether the green lipped mussel oil is the best supplement for you to use. It is a fact that fresh raw green lipped mussels provide a great range of anti-aging health benefits that gets destroyed when the mussels are frozen and/or cooked in the extraction process of the oil. These are valuable benefits which you are deprived from, while also the green lipped mussel oils are relatively costly.

Believe it or not, not all types of nutrient green lipped mussel extracts have the same efficiency.

You only want supplements that have been made from mussel powder extract, because only this type of extract has the same nutrient profile as the raw mussel.

When the extraction process takes place, it is the powder that is first extracted from the raw mussel, after that oil is extracted from the powder. This result in full nutrients retaining in the extracted mussel powder, but only 8-10% of it comes in the extracted mussel oil. Hence, mussel oil cannot be considered as a whole food, and it cannot deliver the same health and nutritional benefits.

It is true that extracted mussel oil still contains lipids that have the anti-inflammatory properties. However, when compared to the extracted mussel powder, the amount of actual concentrations is quite less. In result, both supplements do contain the anti-inflammatory properties, where oil has 10-12.5 times less than powder. Hence, this makes one to intake a lot of mussel oil supplements in order to match the same benefits of a single mussel powder supplement. Nonetheless, it marks the decision that everyone would go for mussel powder supplement rather than mussel oil supplement. Why use the green lipped mussel oil just for anti-inflammation and lose all other benefits, when you can have all of them through mussel powder extract?

It is also a good idea to know about the other oils that are mixed with the green lipped mussel oil supplement, what if the amount of mussel oil itself is really small? Moreover, you also need to see that the other oils that are used must be compatible and their combination should not become pro-inflammatory.

Consequently, only buy properly processed green lipped mussel POWDER supplements, so the supplement you consume has all the nutrients as the raw mussel and is able to provide all the advantage mentioned above.

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  1. Maureen Ameir says:

    Is Omega xl have the same benefit the mussels powder have. How potient is it for inflammation. I suffer with lots of pain and I ordered the Omega xl. Did I make a good choice

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